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Choosing The Right Driveway Company

Choosing The Right Driveway Company

We know that you are probably doing a little research on choosing the right company for your driveway needs and wanted to give you a little advice that might come in quite useful.

Unfortunately with technology these days it is quite easy to search Youtube and find videos that will show all and sundry what or how to create and build a driveway. This has led to a large increase in a lot of supposed companies opening up that are not insured properly and will often create more trouble than you start with.

We constantly get calls from discerned customers that have had a driveway done that hasn’t been completed to a professional standard for this very reason. So when looking for a company to create your driveway make sure you look for certain things including –

  • Are they insured?
  • Do they have a guarantee on their work?
  • Check their reviews online and offline (even if you ask them for previous customer’s details)
  • Do they have a profile or online gallery you can see?
  • Check social media for reviews on their company (so many people now use websites online)
  • See if they are on checkatrade, rated traders, trustatrader or others?
  • Do they ask for all the cash up front to complete the work? If they do this could say a lot about them as a company that doesn’t will generally be very good as they are completing the work before you part with your hard earned cash.

Just a few things to think about and if you have any questions about a driveway, patio or anything related you can always call our friendly team for advice or questions on 07721 691429. We will always endeavour to help you where we can.

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